Salt Lake Family PhotographyAs the world around us begins to bloom many of us will start thinking about getting new family photos taken. It should be a joyous time full of excitement and anticipation. But honestly, a lot of those who book family photos immediately begin to feel immense anxiety about one crucial aspect:

Outfit selection.

But I promise, my friends, it doesn’t have to be scary. I hope you will use this article as a guideline to help you simplify your thought process and reduce the stress that comes with selecting outfits for your family.

Every photographer has a different opinion on how they would like their clients to dress. I love for my families to have a stylish, cohesive look that allows them to be comfortable during our session. All of my favorite outfits have included the following attributes:

A color scheme

A focal piece (or pieces)

Texture, pattern and layers



A Color Scheme


Choosing a color scheme is a great way to style your family photos. Choose a few main colors and pair with coordinating neutrals. If you have a piece among your outfits that has several different colors pull the primary colors from that piece. Pinterest is a great way to get ideas for color schemes. Just search “family photo outfits” or “family photo color scheme” (here is a link to my family photo outfit board to get you started).


Focal Pieces


Often times I’ll start my own outfit selection process by choosing a focal piece for someone in my family (I’m not going to lie; it’s usually me) and then build the other outfits around that piece. Your focal piece can be something with a pattern or otherwise loud attribute. It could be a fur vest for your daughter or your sons favorite colored jeans or that sundress that makes you feel amazing. If you’re totally stuck another great way to start is to just pick out one great outfit and style everyone else around that outfit.


Texture, Patterns and Layers


Layers not only tend to be flattering but they also add dimension to your photographs. Cardigans, vests, chunky necklaces, scarves, hats and ties all count as layers. Textures also add interest. A pair of cords or a shirt with frills are great examples of texture. And don’t be afraid of patterns! Especially if you’re doing a good job of mixing in neutrals.





The truth is people who are comfortable photograph well. You just can’t photoshop “uncomfortable”. It doesn’t matter how cute that sweater is – if it’s itchy – your five year old is going to look irritated. And make sure you’re dressed for the weather. If it’s going to be cold outside embrace those scarves or work those layers. If it’s going to be warm, make sure to leave the wool at home.

Once you’ve chosen your outfits lay them out together on your bed. Does everything look cohesive? If you find that the answer is “yes” or even “mostly” then you’re on your way to a great family photo experience. If you’re still not sure, remember: your photographer should be willing to help you with every part of the photography process – including outfit selection. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Send us a picture of everything together or ask which shirt looks best on you. We want you to have a great family photo experience, and part of that is loving the way you look.


Now get out there and get planning! Happy spring!



What suggestions do you have for family photo outfits? Leave your feedback below in the comments!