Monthly archives:September 2013

Casie - {Salt Lake Bridal Photography}

She is as funny as she is beautiful. Casie is our darling sometime nanny and she got married last weekend. I was lucky enough to capture her bridals weeks before the wedding. So happy for her and Garrett. They are so so good together. Keep checking back for a full wedding post coming soon!

Some thoughts after a night of personal work

What is my style? What sets me apart? What is it about my photographs that keep people coming back for more? More importantly, what keeps ME coming back for more? What am I trying to say? If I’m not saying anything, I don’t want to be creating anything. Just a few of the thoughts floating around after a night of collaborating with other creators. I love thi[...]

Skyler & Kelsey {Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer}

This was such a fun wedding. The weather was just about as beautiful as you can hope for in Salt Lake City that morning. But that evening, just as the reception was about to start a gigantic flash rainstorm hit the reception site and everything had to be moved inside. Not to worry, the rain quickly dissipated and it was still and incredibly special evening[...]

Ian & Evelyn {Utah Couple Photographer}

I spent some time in Oregon a few weeks ago with one of my dearest friends Ian. While I was there I was able to meet his beautiful girlfriend, Evelyn and we become instant BFF. You can't not love this girl. Together we were able to capture some beautiful images. There's nothing quite like two people madly in love.  Thanks for allowing me a glimpse of bliss[...]