Monthly archives:November 2012

S Family - Daybreak Family Photography

We had so much fun during this session. These guys make such a beautiful family, inside and out. So grateful for friends who refer fabulous people to me. Thanks for letting me do your family pics guys!

Drew - Saratoga Springs Crossfit

Drew is one of my dearest friends and owns the Saratoga Springs Crossfit gym where I get ripped every day. Okay, maybe not totally ripped but I've got muscles where I never thought I could have them before (psst. it's my abs!) Crossfit has done wonders for my fitness level and my body honestly has never looked better. Maybe I will get brave and post some bef[...]

P Family - Saratoga Springs Family Photography

LOVE LOVE LOVE this family! They were funny and looked great and were relaxed the whole time. And those kids love each other. We laughed the whole time. Thanks for letting me be your photographer guys!

David & Kirby Bridals - Utah County Wedding Photography

These guys will forever be a part of my history as a photographer. This was the first wedding I shot from beginning to end all by myself. I don't have a lot of wedding photos on the old blog yet so I thought I'd blog some of the weddings I've shot in the past. Thanks David and Kirby for letting me capture your special day. These bridals were taken at a recep[...]

D Family - Thanksgiving Point Family Photography

Annie is a wonderful woman and brilliant photographer and hair stylist. Check her out! She did our family pics this year which I'll be blogging around Christmas. I am IN LOVE with them. We did her pics at Thanksgiving Point. I've never shot there before (mostly because they charge an arm and a leg) but it was beautiful. We didn't end up having a ton of light[...]

I'm going to Mexico and I'm not taking these guys...

Upon publication of this post I will be loading up my friends car to drive to California where we will be embarking on a seven day cruise to Mexico. I'll give you a moment to embrace your jealousy.... anyways, I'll be taking some photos of my boys along on my Iphone so I don't miss them too much. The photo above was taken by the lovely Annie Duckworth of V[...]

Blossom Clothing Boutique - Stylized fashion shoot

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing a little fashion shoot for my friend Janet. She just opened up a new boutique in American Fork called Blossom Clothing Boutique. They are affordable and trendy and they get new things in every day! Check them out on Facebook and like their page for special offers and to see what new things are popping up at t[...]

C Family - Utah County Photographer

This was such a fun family to work with. Natalie and I have been friends for a long time. She's someone I look up to in a lot of ways. We lucked out and were just about the only family shooting at the amphitheater this day. So grateful for friends who allow me to capture their family pics. Love you guys!

B Family - Utah County Family Photography

This was my first time shooting at the apple orchard and it was so beautiful. The B Family and I were praying all day that it wouldn't rain and we lucked out with great weather. It was so peaceful, there were deer grazing just yards from where we took the apple orchard pics. What a beautiful day to shoot such a delightful family. Enjoy!

Mitch & Alicia: Engaged!!

Oh Mitchell, it seems like only yesterday you were refusing to take a nap and chasing me around the house with a baseball bat (ah sibling rivalry). Now you are all grown up and getting married. It's kind of bittersweet... oh who am I kidding, it's not even a little bitter. Alicia is family already and we are so excited for you guys to start the next chapter [...]