Monthly archives:February 2013

David & Kirby - Bountiful Temple Wedding

David and Kirby were a blast to work with this summer. They were so easy to get along with and David made us laugh all day long. I'm so grateful for the people I get to meet through this job. What a wonderful day.

David & Kirby - Engagements at Daybreak

These guys were so much fun to work with. We had a blast taking these engagement photos in Daybreak. Gorgeous locaiton, gorgeous couple, so much love going on. Enjoy!

Mitch & Alicia - Salt Lake Temple Wedding

The best part about photographing weddings is spending time with couples who are completely and madly in love. These guys care for each other deeply and their story is especially touching to me because I have been able to witness their bond from the very beginning. Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day! Love you guys! Alicia and her mom put so[...]

Growing up

I know, I know. It's just another lamentation about the baby who's not a baby anymore. Wah wah, so sad. But it is. It's hard. And easy. And awesome and awful. I miss that sweet little boo boo boy who stayed glued to my lap for the better part of a year. My carefree, laugh at anything, chunky monkey has been replaced by someone very emotionally imbalanced. S[...]

Happy meal toys

Winter got ya down? Yeah, me too. But not these guys. They are all sunshine all of the time. Except for when they're not. But honestly, these guys are easy to please. And the older they get the better they play together. I got a couple of new backdrops for my little home studio and had a friend over this weekend to try it out. When we were done the boys ask[...]

My wild child

  You are a gift, my bright eyes, my wild child with a half smile that gives you away every time. You are brave and playful and all around a joy. Especially today. I just loved you a lot today. I mean, I love you every day but lets face it: childhood has it's ups and downs (as does life). The downs being defiance and temper tantrums and EMOOOOOOOTION[...]