I know, I know. It’s just another lamentation about the baby who’s not a baby anymore. Wah wah, so sad. But it is. It’s hard. And easy. And awesome and awful. I miss that sweet little boo boo boy who stayed glued to my lap for the better part of a year. My carefree, laugh at anything, chunky monkey has been replaced by someone very emotionally imbalanced. Still pretty easy going and generally a happy individual who lapses into fits of uncontrollable EMOOOOOOOTION at the drop of a hat. Crying and wailing and no one on God’s green earth can talk him out of it. Until five minutes pass and he’s back to his usual bee-boppin, happy go lucky self.

I love love love this kid. With all my heart. He’s silly and he makes me laugh on a daily basis. He says “Imma put poops on you” and I can’t even be annoyed at that kind of potty talk. He wants to do everything his big brother does, including peeing on the potty as of late (yeah!). He follows Franky everywhere, copying his every move and his every word.

They play this game sometimes where Drew acts like the baby and Franky takes care of him. Drew makes these little baby sounds and Franky says “if you stay with me I will be your mudder (mother)” and then Drew runs away with Franky yelling “Come back baby!” When he catches him he tackles him to the ground and cradles him in his arms with a reassuring “it’s alright baby, if you stay with me I will be your mudder” and then off he goes again. They play this game for like half an hour sometimes and it’s the most delightful mixture of hillarious and weird. Nurturing and rough house. Rowdiness is the name of the game most of the time. They wrestle each other, they play swords and guns and run around in the backyard with spoons, scooping up snow and throwing it at the dog.

I often wonder if they will remember this time in their lives. I don’t think I remember life at 3 or 4 but I do know my sister was there from the very beginning. We are 18 months apart and I can’t imagine life without her. I hope my boys have the same kind of relationship. It’s such a blessing and I try and remember that when these two boys who are so close in age are driving me absolutely insane. It’s still a charmed life, despite the craziness.

love, ali