Monthly archives:September 2012

B Family - Saratoga Springs Utah Family Photography

I have THE BEST clients but these guys, I just love them a lot. Tiffany wanted pics in a giant field of sunflowers so we made it happen. The love and admiration these guys have for each other is palpable.  So beautiful. Enjoy!

M Family - Saratoga Springs Utah Family Photographer

I love this family. They do a lot of good in our neighborhood including bringing me delicious cookies from time to time. They also have the biggest pumpkin I've ever seen on their porch right now and it's not even October! Kuddos Kalun and Kristi. Ku. Dos. And kudos to some beautiful kids.  

C Family - Saratoga Springs Photographer

Raelene is one of my best friends and also one of the most thoughtful people I know. She is always doing something for someone and making new friends. I'm so lucky to know her and her cute family. Rae and Josh sure do make cute babies. So grateful I get to work with my besties!

S Family - Wheeler Farm Family Photography

I have a wonderful extended family and being with them feels like a warm hug. I experienced that again today while working with this family. This family right here is why I love what I do. Everyone was so kind and good at helping me organize the flow of my session. Big groups like this are A LOT of work but when you're dealing with people like this makes it [...]

N. Family - Utah County Photographer

I know Danielle from way back in the day and when she contacted me about family pictures I was pretty excited. Little Lincoln is just a doll and Danielle and Tom are some of the most laid back people I've worked with. There's a lot of love happening in this family. And there's about to be even more! Danielle is expecting and I couldn't imagine a better famil[...]

Swiss Days (not that you can tell from these shots)

We took the boys to Swiss Days this weekend. I didn't take very many pictures but I did get a few of the boys just being their goofy selves. Their favorite part was riding the bus from the park and ride. Midway knows how to party! We'll definitely be going back next year. love, ali

R. Family - Utah County Family Photographer

I love all my clients but these guys aren't just clients. They are some of my best friends. And who wouldn't love a chance to work with your best friends! They also live across the street from me and I hit the jackpot with these guys. They're also just as adorable as can be which makes my job super easy. Krista and Drew own the Crossfit Gym I go to. They are[...]