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Some thoughts after a night of personal work

What is my style? What sets me apart? What is it about my photographs that keep people coming back for more? More importantly, what keeps ME coming back for more? What am I trying to say? If I’m not saying anything, I don’t want to be creating anything. Just a few of the thoughts floating around after a night of collaborating with other creators. I love thi[...]

Hanna, Utah - Utah Landscape Photography

Went camping in Hanna, Utah this past weekend with some friends. Sometimes my jaw just drops in awe of the beauty of this state I call home. I don't always feel the love for Utah (like most of the winter months) but it really is such a beautiful place to live. Especially if you're willing to drive a couple of hours. 

Drewey Boy

I'm trying to be better about capturing the boys with my big girl camera on a regular basis (as opposed to my iPhone). When Drew wakes up for the day, he is without a doubt the most delighted little cherub you ever did meet. He smiles and kisses me with abandon and hops, skips and sings his way to breakfast. It is quite the experience to wake up with this [...]

Rest Stop II

My portrait by my lovely husband This is kind of turning into a series (see part I here). We took a little trip to Vegas this past week with some friends and stopped about 45 minutes outside the city because the children were driving us insane. I don't know what it is about these rest stops that causes me to see the beauty in my kiddos. Maybe it's the chanc[...]


Today I am melancholy. Probably because it's raining. I keep daydreaming about moving far, far away from here. Not to anywhere in particular.  Someplace warm with lots of trees and the only people we know are each other. Do you ever do that? Long for a fresh start? Where no one knows you? It's ironic because I really am so happy where we are. I am surround[...]