Today I am melancholy. Probably because it’s raining.

I keep daydreaming about moving far, far away from here. Not to anywhere in particular.  Someplace warm with lots of trees and the only people we know are each other. Do you ever do that? Long for a fresh start? Where no one knows you? It’s ironic because I really am so happy where we are. I am surrounded by some of the best friends I’ve ever had, married to a man who really gets me, who really values my happiness. I am busy all day long, but a good kind of busy. And these boys of mine, I love with all of me. Beautiful home. Safe neighborhood. What more could a girl ask for?

Besides a fresh start. So I wonder. And feel bad for wondering and why must the grass always look so damn green over there…

I guess the lesson of adulthood is that everything changes and everything stays the same. In a way I’m already halfway to greener grasses and that is enough. It has to be enough. Because it’s so so so good.
But still… do you ever get this way?
love, ali