Monthly archives:October 2012

New Hair

Hi. It's me. It's 12.30am and I am still awake. Partly because I'm still kind of on a high from my session earlier today. It just went really really well. I took my time and made sure everything was perfect in camera (which makes my job 1,000 times easier in post) and things just flowed. Partly because I was shooting at a location I've shot a whole lot of [...]


We've caught the fever bug at our house. The boys are on the mend but being sick sucks. And we're coming to the end of a 10 days stint of Zach being out of town. We are missing him a lot and can't wait to see him tonight. I have a love hate relationship with my boys being sick. I know that sounds really bad to say that part of me likes it, but they are ju[...]