You are a gift, my bright eyes, my wild child with a half smile that gives you away every time. You are brave and playful and all around a joy. Especially today. I just loved you a lot today. I mean, I love you every day but lets face it: childhood has it’s ups and downs (as does life). The downs being defiance and temper tantrums and EMOOOOOOOTIONS. And I love you through all of that. And I also love you through the kisses and the hugs and the times you need me to lay next to you and stroke your hair before you fall asleep. I found this photo today while transferring files from my old computer. And it just makes me smile real hard despite the pulling on my heart because your cheeks are not quite so round and you grew out of those shoes months ago. Keep being brave and keep being kind and I’ll always be here through the ups and downs.


Love, mama