Photo credit: Annie Duckworth of V-Photography & Salon


I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little bit sad to see 2012 come to an end. This has been a really fun year for the Sumsion family. Here’s our top 10 of 2012 (in no particular order):


10. Getting our yard finished and our concrete poured. I know, what a yawner. But having a place for the kids to run around and less mud for them to step in has made our lives immensely easier. Plus, we’re not the crummiest yard on our street anymore! Yeah!

9. Spending Christmas in California with the Sumsions. Gotta love quality family time… esspecially when it’s on the beach!

8. Zach and I took a little trip to Palm Springs, California. We’re thinking about making this an annual event.

7. Growing my photography business. And I’m not just including this one because I’m writing this list on my photo blog. I really love what I do and I LOVE my clients. Best. Job. Ever.

6. Zach finished another year of his Masters Degree. We’re about halfway there. Good work babe!

5. Franky is out of diapers. One down, one to go. Get ready Drew!

4. Zach and I started doing Crossfit. And getting ripped. Zach lost 20 lbs and I learned how to do a handstand pushup. Which you would know if you have hung out with me in the last week. And next time we hang out I will probably show you. Because it’s awesome.

3. Franky started his first year of pre-school. He loves his teacher and his friends in his little class. And I love being in charge of just one child a few hours a week.

2. Zach travelled a lot for work. Just enough for us to appreciate his absence. Chicago, Atlanta, Grand Rapids, etc. Where in the world. is. Zachy Sandiego??

1. Going on a week long cruise to Mexico with some of our besties (minus the children). I’m not gonna lie, this is probably the funnest thing we’ve ever done.


Mind you, this is our TOP ten, not the bottom ten. 2012 was not without it’s challenges but overall we are happier and healthier than we were in 2011 and really, what more can you ask for? We are so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing friends and family. We wish you all the best in 2013.

Much love,