Jackie & Sydney Wedding Day

Vintage Lesbian Wedding The vintage decor and setting of this LGBT wedding made for a lovely ambience. From the simplistic lighting to the vintage motorcycles, it was a night to remember! The brides looked stunning and had a natural glow as they lit up the venue. The food and decor were beautifully cohesive with the theme and setting of the wedding. Capturi[...]

Bridger & Brittany's Wedding Day

Stunning Fairytale Wedding I am in love with the green foliage and enchanted purple in this wedding! I enjoyed capturing the love the bride and groom had for each other and adored how their baby was included in the wedding! The outdoor ceremony was surrounded in breathtaking greenery and plant life, highlighting the beauty of the bride and groom in the cent[...]

J Extended Family

Gorgeous Greenery Family Shoot I loved shooting this gorgeous family! The lush greenery, combined with the neutral colors provided the perfect setup for a cohesive and beautiful shoot! The forest and moss green hills abundant with a variety of trees and vegetation capture a scenery that really draws you in. The shades of blue the family chose to wear made a[...]